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10 Amazing facts about Japan we need to know.

Mar 11, 2017
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We have some curious facts of Japan listed down below:

1) In Valentine’s Day Man dont have to worry about , on this day girls get gifts for their love, In this way they are open about there feelings.

2) Fish and meats are very cheap in this country what expensive is fruits. Costing of an apple is $2 , while bunch of banana $5 and melon $200.

3) Since majority of people in japan are Buddhists or Shintoists ,on Christmas Eve they go to KFC to eat large portion of chicken for the sake of FUN.

4) Pornography is not a crime at all , its sold everywhere including shopping malls having separate shelf filled with adult content.

5) People of japan eats dolphin , be it cooked or raw. They make a special soup of “kushiyaki”.

6) Japanese never leave work on time , they do 3 or 4 hours overtime or by the time boss himself dont tell them to go.

7) Its absolutely normal in japan for a women to wear skirt that short that it reveals her underwear or a part of her buttocks , whereas wearing deep neck is considered vulgar.

 8) Former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama resigned because he couldn’t fulfill his pre-election promises. Concept of honor is that high in japan.

9) Even today ratio of arrange marriage is 30% . The tradition of arrange marriage is called “Omiai”.

10) The Japanese have no month names. Instead, months are named with sequential numbers. For example, September is “kugatsu,“ which means ”the ninth month.“

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