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12 People Accidentally Met their Doppelgangers and quiet happy about it!

Mar 16, 2017
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Everyone thinks that they are unique from one another but in this big world you can find someone who looks like you, isn’t it interesting?

We have 12 photographs of people who met their doppelgangers accidentally and cant resist to share it with world….. they are quiet identical.


He posted “My doppelganger was sitting next to me on the plane, and then we accidentally checked into the same hotel.”


She posted “Just met my literal doppelganger.”


She Posted “I bumped into my doppelganger at my cousin’s wedding. And she is my cousin’s husband’s sister; no other relation.”


“My friend Rob met his doppelganger at his concert in London.”


When Neil Richardson moved into a new house, he found his neighbors constantly coming up to him and saying, “Hi John!”— all because his double already lived there.


These girls found each other through a website which helps people all over the world find their closest lookalikes.


“I ran into my doppelganger at a music festival.”




“My friend found her doppelganger at a party.”


“My friend also found his doppelganger at a party.”


“My dad and his colleague.”


“Yesterday I bumped into my doppelganger. Even my dad and brothers mistook her for me!”


“Ten years ago, when I went off to college for the first time people kept calling me “Brian.” But my name is Josh. Then a few weeks later I met Brian, and we took this picture together.”

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