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25 Stunning Pictures Of Things Happened At The Right Places And Right Moments

Mar 18, 2017
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When you bought an elephant and are reading the instruction

Galaxy’s Image

Between the two worlds – New York, USA

An Astronaut from the International Space Station show how to take pictures of legs on beach

Oh, Somebody is in trouble

Park for perfectionist – Schonbrunn Palace, Austria

Traffic Jam in Beijing

When you still have not decided

Amitabha Buddha Day – Vietnam

Royal Navy Celebration in the UK

Sun Setting in the mountains

Shadow OF mount Fuji that is 24KM long – Japan

Here is What happens if you spill hot water in Antartica

Temple under ashes after a volcano’s eruption – Mount Ontake, Japan

A morning after frost

A game of Shadows – Camels are the small white lines on the sand

Eagle flying above the water in Canada

Celebration for the 100th anniversary of North Korea

Road in the Netherlands

Flashlight. ICE, Beauty

Illusion of huge wave


It’s Just a crayfish in a bucket, although it seems like its taking over the world

Cherry underwater

Polar Opposites

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