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Only 90’s kid will understand these 15 things that happening around.

Mar 09, 2017
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If you are 90’s kid then this page is for you, we have series of events/ feelings that currently we are facing… and you’ll love to see as well , here we go,

1)You aren’t a 90’s kid anymore, you WERE a 90’s baby and you’re old now!

2) All your friends are getting married, and some have kids.

3) It just struck you that the next graduating class from school will be children who were born in 2001. 

4) You’re officially panicking because you don’t know what you’re going to do with the rest of your life.

5) And aunties and uncles don’t make your dilemma easier because they keep asking you shit like “beta, shaadi kab karoge?”

6) You can date someone , you have to be serious and have to get your “Forever”.

7) You’ve now started putting on weight, and can’t just gorge down junk food like you used to.

8) You’ve finally realised that your parents have done the best they could have for you.

9) Some of your celebrity crushes are now younger than you are (Alia Bhatt or Justin Bieber)!

10) You feel like it was just yesterday when you thought married people were REALLY old and now they’re your peers!

11) All your friends are busy doing their own thing, like getting married or planning their engagement or moving abroad to make a ‘career’.

12) No one takes you seriously because you haven’t proved yourself, yet everyone expects you to undertake massive amounts of responsibility.

13) You’re afraid that your peers from school and college have managed to accomplish so much more than you have.

14) You’ve started saying things like ‘When I was in college..’

15) Without knowing where your life is going, you are excited to know everyday…


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